How to Create a Video Pitch


Creating a sales pitch is initially an important step into making an impression on your client. When you have presented your idea, you wish to be acknowledged and have your idea be adapted by the desired client; however you never know beforehand if your concept is the one they are looking for.

Be Interesting

When approaching a client with a pitch or any advertising idea in general, you want them to get excited about your idea. You want to be able to appeal to the client through a use of visuals and sounds but, if also possible other senses to make your pitch more interesting.

Time Consuming

Presenting your concept to a new client takes a lot of preparation and not always a lot of time. You want to be able to do some research before in order to be able to see how fit you are for the proposition and in principle persuade your client that you are the best for the position. However, you are very rarely the only one jumping to a possibility to represent yourself. Therefore you might spend time and time again on traveling to possibly be shot down because you are simply not what the client is looking for.

Build a Relationship

This is where Interactly can help you out. By creating a video pitch to send out to your clients before the actual presentation, can give you a head start to the relationship between you and your client. Interactly allows you to record a pitch that can either be used as a sneak peak (preview) of your presentation or as a way for you to save time in order for the client to be able to tell you straight away if you are what they are looking for.

Practice Makes Perfect

For starters, the benefit of using a video pitch is that you can practice your persuasion skills beforehand. Do you think you are convincing enough? Well you can test that by sending out multiple video pitches and see what others say, this way you can see how you translate on camera to other people.

Save time

Another benefit of using a video pitch is, as mentioned above, you save the time you invest into advertising your ideas. This way you can present your concept to multiple people at a time and get multiple results without having to fill up your schedule.


Lastly, by using Interactly, you can make your video pitch interactive. You can encourage your client to record video feedback about your pitch or possible questions that they might have about your concept and send them back to you through video. From this point on it is up to you whether you go forth with setting up a face to face meetings or keep interaction through video. Sounds pretty simple right?

How to use it

To set up an account to record video pitches is very simple.

All you need to do it sign up to create a personal account with your email and you’ll be ready to start recording your video.

You can start recording your pitch and if you ever feel like your recording wasn’t of good standard you can re-record your videos as many time as you want before you reach perfection.

Once you have a final video pitch you are happy with you can send it out to your clients emails or share it on social media networks if you wish. All the video responses you receive about your pitch will all be stored on your personal account so you can watch them back and react back in your own time. It is really that simple!

If you are interested in creating a video pitch, click here to get started!

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How to Create Video Interactions for Market Research


Market research is by far one of the most important influencers on a company’s growth. Companies need to be able to gain fast, actionable information from current or potential clients since they are ones to please. If your product or service is not a hit, then you may not be getting far with your current company.

The Downfalls of Standard Market Research

Market research is not only a process, but it is a time consuming and costly process. The type of research technique you use is crucial, because if your questionnaires are poorly organized or packed full with long texts of information you will get poor results since people will lose interest.

Also, how often are you worried about biased responses? When creating focus groups in order to conduct qualitative market research you risk space for faulty and biased responses since your group might have had a discussion of their own already and got influenced by one another before the questions started.

Another factor of research is that it needs to be done, and needs to be done fast. The longer you take with finding out information the less credible your research will be and you will loose the essence of fast pace productivity. Most market research campaigns take months to set up before any kind of data starts rolling out of them.

How we can Change the Process for the Better

With Interactly we offer the option to send out video questionnaire to your focus groups where they can respond to the questions it in their own time, in their personal environments, using video.You greatly reduce the bias in responses because the person answers through video to your questions without being affected by other participants in the study.

Not only do you get a faster approach to being able to send out video questionnaires to multiple people at a time, it saves you a lot of time and a lot of money which you can spend on other things you need for your company.

How it works

The process for signing up is just as easy as conducting the interviews.

You sign up and create an account for your company. You can start by pre-recording questions you would like to ask your focus groups, whether you choose to do it by text or video that is up to you. Depending on the product you are doing research for the added value of video allows you to demonstrate the product to the public.

Once you have completed your questions, you can now send them to your focus groups or publish on your website to allow anyone to participate in the research. All they have to do is open up the video and record their response.

Once they have completed doing so, the responses are sent back to your inbox and are stored there until you view them.

It is then up to you to decide what you wish to do with these responses. You can view them to gain information and use as credible market research or you can compile them as visual evidence and presentation, to show live proof of your findings to your clients.

If you are interested in using Interactly for market research, click here!

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How to Create Citizen Petitions with Interactly


We all must have experienced an urge to stand up for something but not knowing what to do or how to set it up on your own. A lot of things happens in the world that we wish we could be a part of and make a difference, and in doing so raise awareness for a cause. These typically comes in forms of sending out an ‘SMS’ to donate some money and then your deed is done. What if you could start a petition for something you find important, for a cause others feel similar to and raise awareness for it to make a change?

Petitions using Video

With Interactly we can offer video citizen petitions. This means that we allow the option for you to make a visual difference and stand up for what you believe in a unique way. Not only do you get to create something for a cause but you can also involve people in a way where everyone can participate in their own time.

Easy to Share

What Interactly offers is a platform for you to create a video expressing your concern about an issue of your choice. You then can share this video on social networks or share it through email to get others involved and ask them to record their personal concern and share it again. All these videos can come together in order to show a true visual emotion about a cause many people might have wanted to address but were too scared to do it on their own.

Raise Awareness

Citizen petitions are an important element to the future and being able to raise awareness and stand up for what you believe in. Normally you go around house to house to collect signatures to prove how many people are for the cause. These petitions could include stopping construction, destruction of parks or animal cruelty.

Get Everyone Involved

By illustrating the petitions with video, this not only allows for visual evidence but also for a wide range of people to get involved. You can easily share the video online and allow others to get involved to make a difference. This method has a wide range of reaching out to different people from different target groups and getting their opinions and thoughts on the matter. You are spreading the word not only through awareness but also involvement. This is about people coming together to make a change, even if it’s a small one.

How to Use it

It is very simple to set up an account to start creating citizen petitions. All you need to do is sign up to have a personal account and then your can immediately start filming your video.

Once you have recorded your video, you can send it to your friends or members of a social media group to invite them to record a video as a response and addition to your current video.

After you have gathered enough material and are satisfied with the video, you can publish it on social media or simply send it to the government department to reach out about your concern.

If you are interested in setting up your own citizen petition video, click here!

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How to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Video

graph_cartoon_jpg_280x280_crop_q95Customers are very important for any brand because they are what drive the success of your company. Your customers are the ones that need to stay happy in order to buy your products or use your services. If you have managed to build up a great support of brand loyal customers, you can ensure to keep going with more productions and innovations.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Currently one of the easiest ways to reach out to your customers is through customer satisfaction surveys. These are surveys, which give you an anonymous insight into the true feelings about your brand from your users. These surveys can vary between; online, email, mobile or phone. How often do you actually catch people that wish to answer a few questions after they have called customer service to help fix something? Not many, because it takes up time from their schedules and frankly it tends to be long and boring.


Of course there are always downfalls, which slow down the customer satisfaction feedback as well as irritate customers in the process.

When doing online surveys, these can simply be too long and have too many scaled options to choose from, where 7 questions in you just cannot be bothered to read the long questions with the long answer choices. This same problem occurs on the phone, when they ask you to stay on the phone or call you back once you’ve hung up to ask questions to read out all the options in regards to the number you have to press. Admit it, it drives you crazy too.

Another aspect of online customer satisfaction surveys, is that customers might not know if this is actually for the company or a random spam which can track down their details. Privacy online is a very important factor to anyone, since so many things have been moved to online services that all your details are already floating in cyber space. With mass anonymous surveys, you just never know the privacy claims and what it could potentially have the ability to do.

How Can Interactly Help?

Interactly, offers a more interesting approach to customer satisfaction surveys. With the use of video you can expand the possibilities for your research. By pre-recording questions you wish to ask your customers, you can send out personal surveys to customers which they would like to answer. Not only so but you can restrict this to only being online after an online purchase or a contact form, leaving this survey to be in places people turn to for help or still have a fresh experience and wish to share their opinions immediately.

Benefits of Using Video

A benefit of using video for customer satisfaction surveys is the fact that you reveal the team behind the company. You open up a door for personable interaction. By having someone from your team record the questions with an introduction to the survey, you add a face to the name, it makes the customer feel like they are speaking to a real person rather than a questionnaire that one might feel like adds no value or doesn’t show voice. This way you can add personality and credibility that can be encouraging for your customers to participate in more questionnaires in the future.

Another great benefit of using video for customer satisfaction surveys is that the results you receive are a lot easier to understand and work from. Since having personal one on one interviews is time consuming and not everyone can do it, using Interactly and allowing for asynchronous interaction allows everyone to still share their true thoughts as well as do it on their own time.

How to Use It

You sign up to create an account for your company. You can then immediately pre-record your questions and organize your survey as you wish.

Once you have done so, you can feel free to share this survey online, after a customer has made a purchase, have it available if they use a contact form or simply send it to their emails.

It is then up to the customers to answer their questions, by replying through video to your questions. Once they have finished doing so, their responses will be sent back to your personal inbox.

Once you have received the responses it is up to you what you wish to do with them. They will all be stored in your inbox and you can review and evaluate each one in your own time. Since this all goes through our server at Interactly as well as the companies, the privacy of the consumer will be kept and only stored in these data bases.

Get started right away! Click here to create your customer satisfaction survey.

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How to Create a Video Resume

We all have to create an impression or show our experiences to our future employees. Our experience and ways of expression are all different and that is how we stand out amongst the crowd. However when we are trying to apply for a position, we are all simply a pile of papers stacked up on the employer’s desk. How can we guarantee being different and or be interesting enough to be looked at differently? How do we more past that pile of papers and become the first one to be phoned for an interview?

Visual Expression
Video resumes are a new way to stand out amongst other people. The biggest difference between an online video resume and a classic written resume, is that you can visually express your personality whereas through paper you cannot. The key factor of this is to show something different rather than just your academic skills. Your skills might not match up to the future Einstein who is also applying for the job, but you might have the personality that the company needs and by showing it through video you might be able to push through to get an interview faster.

Additional Material
Don’t get us wrong though, we are not saying that the classic method of having a resume is bad or old, we are saying that accompanying your written resume with a video, you will be able to compile a stronger profile for yourself in order to show your work skills and your personal character. A video resume is an additional aid to support your written resume.

Personality and Creativity
Not only can video resumes be a great tool to showing personality, but it is also a great tool of expressing creativity. If you are someone creative but cannot show it through your written resume because of factors from the company you are being hired for, then its a lot easier to demonstrate this all in a video. You can show your creations, make it artistic, make it interactive or simply tell a joke, whatever you think will show you in the best light possible.

Why Use Interactly
You may be wondering how using Interactly is different from creating a video and posting it to Youtube. Well here is how; the main difference is that you have full control of your video resume. Not only do you have a simple process of recording, but you also have the power to publish or share your resume where you wish, instead of loosing control of what happens to it on Youtube. You structure the resume in the order you wish, and if you need to adapt it to different companies its easy to record new resumes or change the current one.

How to Create a Video Resume:
The process of creating your own personal video resume with Interactly is very simple:

You sign up to create a personal account for yourself. Once you have done that, you can immediately get started with recording your resume.

It is up to you how you choose to structure your resume. We have custom templates for you to choose from, or if you wish to express your creativity and have your own layout in mind, you can work with that.

The option lies between typing out titles or recording video titles which allow you to play around with the order of them.

Once you have recorded your resume, you can choose to publish the link to your resume on your social networks or recruitment websites, or simply send it via email to the employer. If you want to show it at interviews as well, you also have the option to download your video and use it in other ways.

In conclusion, we believe that with video resumes we can break boundaries and allow people to express who they really are rather than being judged through pieces of paper.

Click here to create your personal video resume!

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How to Create Video Contests

Video contests are a popular way of marketing your brand. By getting people involved in a creative way it allows your brand to gain more exposure and get your name known at a faster rate. By making contests in which people can participate to earn benefits is a fresh and exciting technique to gain brand-awareness.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.35.49 PM (2)

Advantages of Participation

Contests are a new way for companies to gain exposure for their brand. By allowing people to participate to win a benefit you encourage people to spread the word on social media and amongst their close circles, meaning your brand will be the talk of the town. Contests started off with being simply to retweet a tweet or type in your email address, fill in a form, sign up for a newsletter, but now has spread to more creative ways; video contests.

Video contests can come in many forms. Maybe you want someone to record themselves advertising your product, or film a short introduction as to why they should win the contest, but with video the opportunities can be endless. Why not give people the freedom to create an awesome video which can show their talents or show how creative they can be? This will not only make for a more appealing entry but also become a fun activity rather than a boring speech you have to listen to from multiple entries.

What We can Offer You with Interactly

You might be thinking why can’t I just ask candidates to post a video on Youtube or simply record a video with their camera phone and upload it to Facebook? Well with these methods, you loose control. The content of the videos will not be yours and there is very little you can do with it. At Interactly, we can offer you the opposite, which is control. We can offer for you to set up the video template as you wish and all the videos will be sent to your personal inbox with which you choose what to do with them. Below you will see just how easy it is!

How to Create a Video Contest

The process of installing vide contests is very simple.

You sign up to create an account for your company. You can then pre-record your introduction in order to instruct the public of what you want their video entry to be.

The next step is to decide how you want the public to record their videos. You can post your introduction video on your website, link it to your social networks, or you can send the video through email.

Once the person has opened the video, it is up to them to make a recording. Once they have completed it and sent it back to you, all the videos will be stored in your inbox.

Here is where you have full control. Every entry is stored in your inbox, therefore it is your choice what you wish to do with them. You can review all of them yourself and publish the best on your website or social media, or you can publish multiple ones and allow people to get involved through social sharing. It is all up to you.

Video Contests can really benefit any company that wants to become interactive with their audience. Click here to set up your video contest now!

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How to Create Video Testimonials


Video testimonials are a great way for the company to build credibility and strengthen their brand. By allowing customers to do the recommendations for your brand, you save time on ensuring your brand is the best one out there because the public does it for you.

Biggest Benefits of Video Testimonials

There are multiple benefits for using video testimonials. Firstly, they can draw a lot of attention to your brand and gain exposure. People will want to share the content because it is interesting and therefore recommend it to each other through social networks. Another benefit to this is it can increase your search engine rankings, making you more popular and come up for more keywords.

Secondly, video testimonials are a great visual representation of your brand. It creates a more personal experience for the next customer to dive in and see what people honestly thought about your brand or product. Video evidence doesn’t only add credibility but reliability to your brand and what others think of it.

Lastly, with video testimonials you can create a unique experience. By enabling video testimonials you create relationships with your public, you can be seen as a brand that cares about the opinions of others and encourages them to tell their story. You involve the customers to the extent in which they can feel like their opinions matter and add value to the brand. Your customers are your drivers.

Have Full Control

At Interactly we believe that using video testimonials through our service makes the process a lot easier. We allow you to control the testimonials in the sense that they will all be delivered to your personal mailbox. You are then in control of the content you publish, instead of testimonials which are set up through other platforms and can get lost or unpublished. With Interactly, you have full control of your testimonials. Below you will see a clear explanation of the process and what exactly we can offer you.

 How to Use it

The process of installing video testimonials for your brand with Interactly is very simple.

You sign up and create an account for your company. You can start by pre-recording your questions which you wish the consumers to answer through video, or simply type them up so later they will appear on the consumers screen.

You can also choose to send out unstructured video templates for the consumers to freely have the option to record their opinions.

Once you send these out to your consumers, it is now their job to record their testimonial. Once they have successfully done so, their videos will be sent to your inbox. It is then up to you what you wish to do with the testimonials.

You can choose to publish the ones you like, the ones you see fit, or just leave them in your inbox for a while. The choice is yours.

We Adapt to Your Needs

At Interactly we allow you the option to openly speak to us about your needs, and even though we have a custom way of working with our program, we can adjust it to your needs. We offer the option of custom publishing, privacy as well as templates to make your experience with us as easy and fitting as possible.

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5 Ways To Use User-Generated Videos

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact video can have in different situations rather than just for entertainment? Well we at Interactly have complied a short list of cases in which using video can really draw attention, for personal use or for a bigger and better future.

Ben Heine Photo

Image credit: Ben Heine

Video Resumes

When you look for a job, you are probably not the only person that sends their resume to the company in hopes of being picked out from the crowd. Well why not stand out with a video resume?

Video resumes are becoming more popular amongst people who wish to show their creative side as well as their personality. Nowadays when recruiters scan through resumes it turns into a battle of the perfect look. If you have the wrong font, you’re out. If you didn’t number your jobs but listed them in bullet points, you’re out. Why not push past these problems and express your personality and show them who you really are.

A lot of people are camera shy and still flinch or move away whenever someone pulls one out to capture a moment, but eventually you will need to sit with your interviewer face to face, so why not already put yourself out there and make an impression.

You can check out how video resumes work and why you should use one!


Nowadays, there are very few people that do not own a phone or laptop without a built in camera, so recording videos it a lot easier then it sounds. Just pull out your phone and capture the right moment. More companies are creating video contests in order to promote their brand in a way in which people feel included and have their moment of fame.

Video contests are very easy to participate in; the companies come up with a creative concept and the public reacts by recording themselves participate. This is fun and you can do it with all your friends, afterwards share them on social networks and get noticed amoungst others. A fun way of entering contests rathen than the old bring fashioned way by just entering your email adress in hopes to win.

You can check out how to create video contests here!

Book Reviews

When looking for a book to read, people tend to judge a book by reviews, not by its cover. Youtube has a new trend starting of people who call themselves ‘Booktubers’ who are essentially people who record themselves speaking about books. Instead of reading reviews which tend to either mention the entire plot of the book or include spoilers that you don’t realize until you’ve read them, video book reviews can save you from a lot of frustrating moments. Not only do you see who read the book and what they thought of it, but also there is a relatable quality about the experience. It is very hard to fake emotions on camera,seriously try it if you don’t believe me, therefore with a video review you show the true feelings about the book and allow others to relate if they see any similarities between you and the viewer.

Customer Testimonials

As mentioned above, people turn more and more to reviews and other people’s recommendations to make decisions. With customer testimonials you add credibility and value to your overall brand as well as to the products or services you offer. When someone records a video testimonial in regards to something they have used is a huge compliment. Not only is this person satisfied but is also recommending your product or service without you lifting a finger. With video customer testimonials you can’t really go wrong, this is not only great marketing but also a step further into the future.

Here is a customer testimonial example from Auto Credit Express.

Online Petitions

Ever felt like signed petitions are pointless? You walk door to door asking people to sign a piece of paper which is later lost or disregarded. It is easy to ignore emails or move them to spam. Creating video petitions allows people who are passionate about a cause to express themselves and show their true feelings about something they believe matters. Also, the more the merrier, if you get a group of people to record videos in order to support a cause you get to see the face behind the piece of paper! Videos allow people to see personality and show true emotions, with email that doesn’t get across, so if you really believe in something, put in that extra effort to make something people will actually listen to.

In conclusion, there are several ways in which you can use user-generated videos and these videos are the ones that grow in value more than professionally made company videos. We are the future, we are the real people and our opinions and actions are the ones that matter.

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Online video job interviews? Awesome!

One of the things we’ve learned over the last few years, is that job interviews are a business process that costs a lot of people a lot of time that they would rather be spending on other things.

People selection

Recruiters are Busy People!

What did we hear from our conversations with recruiters? Well, among others they were faced with an increase in number of people applying, a decrease in the number of recruiters per company and an increasing desire from management to control the recruiting process in and out.

These challenges that the recruitment market faces have only become greater and greater over the last 10-15 years. Online job boards have made it easier for candidates to shop around and apply for tens of jobs per day, making the administrative tasks involved in managing these applications significant. The workload has increased, and the opportunity to find those wonderful candidates has become an incredible challenge.

Good candidates are faster to find new jobs, have more options to choose from and apply for less jobs, while poor candidates have less options but apply to vastly more jobs, creating noise in the selection process that is incredibly hard to filter through.

Add to that the fact that traditional resumes are costly to verify, unreliable and that nearly every candidate nowadays is actually being trained to embellish their job description, and the hunt for those really outstanding candidates can seem like an impossible challenge.

Recruiters Cope by Making the Interview Process Easier

The way recruiters have managed to cope with this phenomenon, is by adding additional hurdles into the recruitment processes that often only scare away the good candidates. Many recruiters (you don’t have to admit it publicly) are filtering candidates based on the font they use in their resume, on the spacing used between the lines or on other non-important attributes. Many recruiters have taken on a keyword-focused hunt when looking through resumes, looking only for keywords and not looking at people.

No matter what steps they’ve taken, most of them are taken out of a need to reduce the number of candidates and to make their workload manageable. They’re not chosen because they actually improve the final choice.

Why Video Job Interviews Should be Standardized

When it comes to finding the best candidate, there are two main factors that are considered the holy grail. One is the technical requirements or the skills of the employee and the other is employee-organizational fit. That second one, takes a lot of time to measure, but every recruiter, employer or headhunter knows exactly who will fit in with a team. It’s a gut-feeling decision that you can only get by seeing someone talk for a few seconds.

This is why it is so important to introduce a standardized video job interview. It gives everybody the exact same opportunities, making it possible for everybody to show their personalities. That makes it possible for the recruiter, the hiring manager and the co-workers to see the person they would like to work with. It’s so simple and yet so powerful.

At Interactly we’ve also been using automated video interactions to hold online video job interviews. So far, it has resulted in a number of really great decision on who to hire and who not to hire. I’ve often given people feedback on their presentation and on why I felt that they wouldn’t match our company – and despite working full-time and busy with other things, I still had the time to write those brief messages to people.

When you are using automated video interviewing solutions, you’re simply leveraging your time to look at the most important aspect of the job application: The person you are actually hiring.

Interested in trying out Interactly?

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What You’re Missing Out On With Email

When we’re talking to people in our day to day life, we’re communicating on a non-verbal level all the time. When we’re communicating through email or text, we’re missing all of those non-verbal cues. Most people know this – but what they don’t realize is how much we are really saying when we’re talking.

It all starts off really subtle. The first thing that people think about when they hear non-verbal communication, is the facial expression. Slight twitches of the mouth, the position of your eyebrows and forehead and the smile on your face . Each variation contains a wealth of information about our emotional state and our intent as we are talking to someone. What most people don’t realize is that there are about 4000 different facial expressions available to us, each with a slight and subtle nuance. We have over 20 muscles in our face, each with a distinct purpose of communicating our emotions.

Nonverbal communication

This guy means business

What few people realize is that the facial expression is only the start of your nonverbal communication. Another highly important nonverbal communication factor is posture. The way in which you stand tells a lot about you. Much more than you might think. Whether your back is straight, or you are hunched, these are two completely different messages. We don’t consciously do these things, but they are interpreted by the person who is talking to you. Your shoulders, your back, your whole body is constantly sending out a message. Look at your own posture right now, and many of you will know the message this is sending to other people.

Closely related to posture, are your gestures. Not every culture uses the same sort of gestures. In Italy, for example, people use different kinds of gestures non-stop when speaking. Their communication strongly relies on the use of these gestures – the wrong gesture can change the meaning of an entire conversation! People that talk with their hands, are often considered to be good communicators. Using your hands to convey a message can make your message stronger and more targeted. Showing your palms is seen as openness, showing your fist as a willingness to fight and pointing to someone or something will make people automatically look at whatever you are pointing at. Gestures are hardwired in our brains to elicit certain responses whether we like it or not.

Then there is clothing and grooming, a strong yet often overlooked nonverbal communicaion. What kind of clothes a person is wearing tells a lot about a person. Their suit or their tie can tell you the kind of person you are speaking to. A person’s hairstyle can also communicate a message through the care that is put into it. Many people consider it superficial to judge people on these things, but in reality they are very important on a subconscious level. What you are wearing communicates who you are – if you are a sales guy you’d better show up in a suit with a tie and if you’re a software developer you’ll probably show up with a geeky t-shirt.

Email is indirect and impersonal

When you are sending an email, the basic truth is that you are just attempting to avoid direct personal contact. The reasons for this are multiple, and they are all valid reasons!

You might feel that your issue is not important enough to disrupt another person’s workflow, or that your message will come across better when you put them all on paper, but in about 95% of our email communication we are choosing email to avoid direct contact with the opposite person. In general, people have a subconscious fear of being confronted with something unexpected, and when we are talking with people the risk of that is very high. That’s why people naturally tend to prefer using email, because it creates a very safe buffer between two people.

Nonverbal communication with video

At Interactly we’re truly tackling this problem head-on. We’ve decided to use video as the main method of interaction – allowing you to communicate with all of your nonverbal tendensies while still keeping a safe buffer between you and the other person. You don’t have to miss out on all the subtleties, and you don’t have to directly confront the person who you’re talking to.

We think it’s pretty cool – and it can make you a much better communicator.

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