Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

This document explains the way in which Interactly uses the data it gathers and in which way you are able to influence that. Interactly has a strict policy of protecting the rights of individual candidates.

The usage of cookies on Interactly and related domains

1. When visiting and using, subdomains of or any of the customer or partner domains, tehnical details in relation to your visit can be logged onto the logfiles on our servers, on the logfiles of our analytics providers. These data are used exclusively for statistical analysis in order to improve your experience as a visitor. These technical details may include, but are not limited to: request-url, ip-number, time, http-referrer URL (sometimes this may include your search terms), user agent string, browsertype, screen-size, mouse movements, positioning of your clicks and flow of entry on form fields.

Privacy for visitors responding to an interview (Recorder)

1. All responses entered into the Interactly system by Recorders remains the property and control of the Recorder.

2. The Recorder grants Interactly a perpetual license to display and share their responses with third parties. Any and all data entered on this website can be shared with third parties without your explicit consent. Interactly holds all parties which share your information to a code of conduct and will actively cooperate to shut down any users in violation of this code of conduct.

3. As such, the Recorder also has the responsibility over the usage of their own recordings. If the Recorder desires to no longer share their video the recorder is able and obligated to remove it through their personal control panel at their earliest possible convenience.

4. Technical details of the recording are recorded and saved for the improvement of services.

Privacy for organisations or individuals inviting others for interviews (Interviewer)

1. All information entered into the interview system by Interviewer is made public by default and is normally used for informing Recorders about your company and for the promotion of your company.

2. Technical details, logins, registrations, errors and other user data are registered during the use of the system and are used for the improvement of services.


1. Interactly may use analytical tools and software to improve its service. These tools may include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Clicky, SnapEngage and MixPanel. These analytics are used by Interactly to help analyse the way users use their service. The information generated within the cookie (including your ip-address) is transferred and stored to servers in the United States.

2. You are allowed to deny the usage of cookies through your browser's settings, but this will result in not being able to use Interactly's services.

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