Frequently asked questions

Questions? Below you can find some answers

1. Is it safe to record a video?

During both the recording as well as the playback, the connection is secured using SSL and/or other techniques. SSL is a very strong level of protection which ensures an optimal protection.

2. What about the privacy of people who respond?

Everybody who records a videos retains control over their own data at all times. You and the respondent can both view and remove their data at all times, unless an alternative agreement has been reached.

3. I would like to upload and record the videos of people myself, is that possible?

Yes, you can easily set up your own recording center using a high grade webcam and microphone and a regular desktop computer.

4. How can I share videos with others?

Once a response has been recorded, you can simply make them public to people and share the link. Remember, you do need permission from the person you have interviewed in order to make their interview public!

5. Do the videos remain available after I end the interaction?

Yes, the videos are stored locally for up to 5 years. You can however remove them manually.

6. What happens with people who can't or wont record their video interaction?

We provide optimal support, because we think that having great recording is priority number one. If you're in need of any help, just send us a message at

1. What happens to my videos after I'm done recording?

The video is stored on the server and the people involved in the interaction are notified by email. After you have finished you should also receive a notification by email explaining how to access it.

2. I don't own a webcam or microphone. How can I do an interaction?

We recommend that you ask someone you know with a computer with a webcam to record the video interaction.

3. The recorder application doesn't load. How can I record my application?

You will have to install the latest version of Adobe Flash from the Adobe website, or get in touch with us at

4. During recording I can't get past the page where I have to select my webcam and microphone. How can I go any further?

The software detects any microphone that is plugged into your computer. If the application cannot find any, it will stop you from continuing. Please check whether all the cables are connected, and try again by pressing CTRL+F5. If this does not fix it, please contact us.

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